Six Degrees to Joe Rogan

A Podcast Network Analysis

This is a study of the interconnected network of podcast hosts and guests, named for Joe Rogan, who is particularly central in the network, given that he has released over a thousand episodes with interviews with people from all walks of life. This website can be used as a podcast discovery tool where you can see all the guests of various podcasts, and all the podcasts that each guest has been on. You can also explore the various connections between podcast, hence the "Six Degrees". There are more indepth explorations into this dataset explored in the Advanced section.

I created this website for my own curiosity, and to practice data science skills. You can contact me here, or if you want to show your appreciation for this free product, you can do so here.


Discovering new podcasts has never been easier! You can scroll through all the guests of each podcast, and for each guest you can see all the different podcasts they've been on. Certain stats and extra bits of info are also included. Check it out!

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Ever played the movie trivia game "Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon"? Try our Six Degrees tool to discover the shortest connection between any two people in the network. Also, you can see the overlap in guests between any two guests with our Guests in Common tool. Give it a try!

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Want to learn more interesting details about the interconnected world of podcasts? In the Advanced section we delve into structure of the podcast network and attempt to derive some useful insights, predict future guest appearances, and more!

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